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General Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of "La Siesta" home rental business, Lloret de Mar, Spain.
With your reservation confirmation and our Beherbergungs a contract has been concluded and you expressly and irrevocably agree to our Terms and Conditions listed here. All other parts and content parts or contents of these Terms and Conditions should be challenged legally, they shall remain unaffected. "La Siesta" acts as an intermediary between landlords and tenants and enables the realization of a temporary guest accommodation contract in the form of booking. The contract is at all times a contract between owners and tenants. For these two parties' rights and obligations shall be incurred by the contract. "La Siesta" and represents the owner is not liable, except for gross negligence, errors that are caused in this regard in the mediation of "La Siesta". In no event shall "La Siesta" for sums of money to be made liable, are higher than the rental amount paid by the tenant.
 "La Siesta" reserves the right at any time to refuse guests and to cancel without refund claim!

Terms of payment
Is appointed accommodation, the reservation confirmed by us and the contractual deposit of about 33% of the rental amount is credited, the booking is binding. The written form is not required Telephone orders are also effective. The balance must be paid no later than on arrival in CASH prior to moving the object (checks and credit cards are not accepted). If you want to pay the Restmietsumme before arrival by bank transfer, the amount must be credited to our account already at arrival, otherwise the residual sum at key handover is to be paid in cash before the move. Please note for all payments necessarily the reservation number that you see on the booking confirmation the top right.
Should any damage occur or objects in / on the house missing, the cost will be billed for this. In your opinion, existing damage must be reported to us in writing within 24 hours of your arrival. If this is not done, we assume that these damages are incurred by you. We always give adequate time to fix damage.

Cancellation by the tenant
If the guest does not object in the ordered claim, he is legally obligated to the price for the ordered and made available by the property owner to pay all. This is not a claim for damages but a fulfillment. Completely independent of time or for reasons of cancellation is no right to cancel a booking. If you cancel within four weeks prior to your desired arrival, the entire rental amount is always payable. From GOODWILL can possibly apply: For cancellations from four weeks but no later than six weeks before arrival 75% of the rent must be paid. In case of cancellation the more than eight weeks before the arrival date, 50% of the rental amount must be paid. Cancellations must be made in writing and will be confirmed in writing. The day is marked as a cancellation date on which we receive your written cancellation. If you leave the rented property before the date specified in the reservation, the rental rate is not refundable.

Cancellation by "La Siesta"
If we are forced by circumstances to cancel the booking of the holiday already leased, the lessee shall immediately be notified and, where possible, an alternative is offered. If the tenant does not agree with this alternative or there is no alternative available, the tenant paid the advance payment amount will be transferred to his account. The tenant has no further or other rights than the refund of this amount.

Liability of the lessee
During your stay in the rented property you have as a tenant you are responsible for the rented accommodation, furnishings and all objects that belong to the rented property. If no proof is on your part, we assume that any resulting damages caused by you and / or that of your fellow passengers have emerged. In this case, the total loss amount must be paid to the landlord or "La Siesta", which is calculated from the replacement value of damaged items. "La Siesta" has the right to call this purpose a payment before departure. There is a statutory lien on the property brought by the lessee. In case of serious and willful added is damage to the property by the tenant, or serious disturbance of the peace by selfsame, Beherbergungs the contract can be terminated without a refund of the rental immediately. Between 23.00 to 8.00 clock the lessee shall comply with the night's rest. After 2300 clock all the musical and acoustic devices are to be reduced to low volume. Without written consent is not permitted, the rented accommodation with more than the permitted number of people to inhabit (the number of persons per accommodation can be found on our website or in your confirmation email). In case of violation of the existing lease shall be terminated immediately and forfeit the right to any refund. Pets of any kind shall be indicated on the reservation. The lessee is liable for all damage caused by these animals in full. The tenant has to inform themselves before traveling all regulations and laws of the country you are visiting and are responsible for compliance with the laws themselves. It should thus come to restrictions on use of the leased property, the lessee may not claim any compensation or refund.

"La Siesta" at no time be liable for damages and / or costs of the lessee. This applies in particular:
In case of loss or theft of, the tenant brought in, things. Damage or injury of any kind incurred by either the tenant or the tenant suffers when you use our accommodation, passageways, staircases, institutions or for the use of our pool. Parents are responsible for their children!
We aim to produce the correct description of the mediated objects we conscientiously and to the best of our knowledge.
Errors and deviations should be here, then "La Siesta" for this purpose shall not be held liable.
The objects are arranged by us from various private property and homeowners are not part of a self-contained resort. This may well happen that the owners of adjacent properties or the community can make unpredictable construction. Unfortunately, the associated inconvenience can not be completely excluded. For associated limitations, we can not be put to liability, however, in this case, please contact contact us. We will try to reduce the damage to a tolerable level for you.

Performance is: E-17320 Tossa de Mar      Jurisdiction is: E-17300 BLANES in Catalonia Spain.
This contract is subject to Spanish formal and substantive law under exclusion of the rules of private international law.